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Lakadong Turmeric Powder


Our fresh and pure Lakadong Turmeric from Meghalaya has 7-9% curcumin content. Making this spice the finest quality of turmeric, packed with health benefits.

This unique Lakadong turmeric grows specifically in a small village called Lakadong in Jaintia Hills District, Meghalaya.

Weight: 60g
Ingredients: Lakadong Turmeric Powder
Item dimensions: 10.7 * 4.3 cm
Package information: Bottle

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Due to microclimatic conditions of the area, the curcumin content in this variety of turmeric is very high as compared to most of the other varieties found in the market. BEE Natural ensures you get the finest quality of BEE Natural Lakadong Turmeric to your table.

Its high curcumin content gives it anti-inflammatory and strong antioxidant properties.

Curcuminis considered a beneficial herb in cancer treatment, as it kills cancerous cells.

You can use it daily to cook different cuisine. The high curcumin content in this variety of turmeric makes it a perfect ingredient to cook with fatty foods, as it is a fat soluble.

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Weight 60 g
Dimensions 4.3 × 10.7 cm


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