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Jackfruit, the Superfood

Jackfruit Chunks

When you think of Jackfruit what comes to mind is the large, greenish-yellow oblong fruit with a spiky outer cover. At first glance, it can be intimidating to some. However, when you cut it open you’ll feast your eyes on these golden yellow like jewel pods which are a superfood! 

Being one of the largest fruits available to us, growing to a weight of nearly 100 pounds. Jackfruit favours a subtropical and tropical climate and to this advantage, these fruits grow in abundance in the warm regions of Ri Bhoi District, in Meghalaya. Requiring the least amount of maintenance, this fruit has earned a world wide name for itself as the best plant-based meat or in other words, the best substitute for meat. What makes it earn this unique name is because of its high fibre and protein content, and its meaty texture which resembles pork when cooked.

Jackfruit is an incredibly versatile fruit that can be consumed not only in its ripe form, but unripe too. When you harvest the young, unripe fruit, the fruity jewel pods have a starchy and meaty texture as compared to the sweet, ripe, yellow  jackfruit.  This makes it an amazing substitute for meat. What’s even better is that jackfruit is packed with good sources of potassium, calcium and iron too, making it a healthy addition to your diet. 

Now for the fun part of cooking with jackfruit. The unripe jackfruit tastes great in curries, soups, and any of your favourite recipes as a substitute for pulled pork or chicken. When cooked, the stringy and fibrous nature of the jackfruit tastes just like meat. To make it convenient for no you, we at BEE Natural present to you our Jackfruit Chunks in Brine. We know cutting through that unripe jackfruit is a cumbersome process in itself. Using our Jackfruit Chunks you can prepare super healthy and quick mouthwatering recipes while keeping a positive impact on the environment. To top it off, jackfruit has a less calorie count, giving you a chance to check on those calories. Start cooking by draining the jackfruit chunks from the brine and rinse it in running water. The brine contains a high salt amount to ensure a long shelf life of the jackfruit. Therefore, make sure you rinse the jackfruit chunks before cooking. If you’re planning to make a stir fry, simply shred the jackfruit chunks with a fork, this helps uniform cooking of the jackfruit. Prepare your spice mixes (as desired) and fry them till the spices are par-cooked. Add the shredded jackfruit, season with salt, pepper and chillies (optional). Once the jackfruit has softened, it’s ready to eat. Make your dish fancier by turning the jackfruit stir fry as a filling for your burgers, rolls or sandwiches. 

Are you interested in trying this vegan meat substitute? Check out our BEE Natural Jackfruit Chunks in Brine today and share with us a recipe you fancy.

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