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Why is Food Traceability important for BEE Natural


Food traceability is one of the most important features of our brand. It is our core principle that has empowered us to meticulously trace the steps we have taken to safeguard the authenticity of our products. Furthermore, it has enabled us to provide our consumers with accurate information on the origin of our products so that they can purchase our products with an informed decision.

Let us first talk about why food traceability is important in the food business. Food Traceability is a key system for maintaining and ensuring food safety at all stages. Here are its 4 main objectives:

  • Provides well-documented information to consumers
  • Guarantees quality of product
  • Test and certify food products before they are placed on the market
  • Helps to detect contamination
  • Every food business must have a robust system of identification. This ensures that consumers receive accurate and reliable information when making their purchases

BEE Natural take on Food Traceability

At BEE Natural, we have implemented a comprehensive approach to guarantee food traceability. Here’s how:

Accurate Labelling:

We ensure our labels are accurate with the correct information. Our labels carry detailed information, allowing consumers to make informed decisions about their purchases.

Transparent Contact Information:

We provide our contact details prominently, fostering transparency and accessibility. This ensures that customers can reach out to us with any inquiries or concerns.


QR Code and Unique Batch Code:

Central to our commitment to food traceability, we provide a QR code and a unique batch code on each product. These codes empower our consumers to delve deeper into the journey of their purchase, verifying the identity of the farmers who nurtured the ingredients.

Food traceability is not just a feature of our brand; it is the cornerstone principle upon which BE Natural stands. It embodies our dedication to transparency, quality, and the well-being of our

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