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We warrant that your information including the sensitive information submitted by you is protected both online and off-line. While you are making the payment, the page is secure, encrypted and protected with the best encryption software in the industry – SSL. You can choose one favorite from the payment methods below.

Purchase them from beenatural.buzz or through certain stores listed at the website.

BEE Natural ships orders via courier services available in town. Indian Post is the most preferable.

It depends on your location. Normally it takes upto 3-5 days to reach the desired address.

You can parcel the items you would like to exchange to us through courier services.

Customisation of order can be done at the time of processing the order. Once the invoice has been shared with the customer, changes cannot be made.

Yes you can cancel the order while it is under processing. Again once invoice has been shared order cannot be cancelled

Through a delivery executive of a particular courier service.

Yes you can. Once the order is dispatched a soft copy from the courier will be shared. It  acts as a POD (proof of delivery).

Currently, we are not accepting orders through Cash on Delivery. Once you have placed an order, we will share with you the invoice. Once payment is done details of payment has to be shared in which we will ship your order immediately.

Our Products are pure and natural. They are organically grown and locally sourced.

Yes, indeed it is. We can guarantee you we have no added colours, flavours or preservatives in our honey. All flavours are naturally infused, which we are proud to have received recognition in the SAIL Innovation Awards 2019.

You will observe pure honey undergoes a crystallisation process due to its supersaturation content of more than 70% sugars. With time you will observe the honey will solidify and this process happens only in Pure honey, unlike adulterated honey.

Honey is a concentrated solution containing more than 70% sugars, such as Glucose and Fructose and less than 20% water.  If the Glucose content is higher than the Fructose content, crystallisation of the honey develops faster.

If the temperature drops anywhere between 10 – 17°Celsius, the glucose content crystallises. In fact, honey crystallises even when it’s still in the Honeycomb.

Crystallisation of honey is a natural process that happens over time because of two main factors:

     –    Glucose and Fructose ratio in the honey

     –    Temperature in which its stored

Yes you can, simply heat the honey in a double boiler. Keep the honey in one container and in the other fill it half with water. Heat the container with water over the fire and bring it to 40°C, while keeping the container with the honey above it. In ½ an hour your honey will get decrystallised and turn back into a golden syrup of goodness.

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