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A Farmer’s Christmas

Christmas blog

As the cold frost covers the green grasslands like a carpet of icy crystals in the month of December. Farmers set forth on their usual farming routine at the crack of dawn. Slipping into a pair of gumboots to keep their toes away from frostbite while they check on how their crops are growing in their farm. As he steps foot on the icy cold grass, taking his way to the field, he hears the crisp sounds of the frost breaking away on the grass while carrying a watering can on one hand and a shovel the other.

He tends to his mustard leaf plantations that are growing taller and spreading their leaves by the day. As he waters them, the frosted crystals melt away slow and steady. As he waits for the sun’s rays to shine upon them as he talks and tends to them to remove any intruders that will hinder their growth and ensure they have ample space from each other to grow. It’s as if they reciprocate to his love and care, as they glisten in the sun’s warmth.

A farmer’s touch can turn a seedling as small as mustard seeds to grow into a crop that can feed millions of us all over the world. His undivided love and dedication to farming gives us what we call food on our plate.

During this icy cold month of December, while we are lifted in our spirits to prepare the celebration for the upcoming Christmas festivities. We all to some point fail to remember who does partake in making this festival possible. No festivity is complete without food and we would not enjoy those scrumptious dishes if it weren’t for the farmers! Working through the icy cold winter, without batting an eyelash to ensure we get fresh and the best produce so we can have our Merry Little Christmas.

While we are making merry with our friends and loved ones under the bright city lights and festive decorations. Back in the farm, the farmers enjoy their Christmas in their own cosy way under the starry night and the warmth of a fireplace. They all sit together young and old, over a hot cup of tea exchanging stories. Christmas Day to them is a special time to go together to church as a family and sing hymns giving thanksgiving to what their Heavenly Father has blessed them with through the year. When it’s time to feast, that’s the time for the whole village community to come together, irrespective of their faith. They all come together in a field, cook all their favourites and share a meal together while also sharing their experiences throughout the year.

So this Christmas, as we prepare our favourite Christmas dishes, let us be grateful in our hearts to those farmers who toil in the cold frosty mornings to give us what we call our Christmas feast on Christmas Day. In the season of giving, let us not forget how we need each other. For in order to make a Merry Christmas, it would be incomplete without helping each other. This Christmas, as a token of our appreciation, BEE Natural takes a step to make this Christmas Day more special for them by sharing 20% of our sales with them. Would you care to make a difference in the lives of the farmers?

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