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Are you consuming Pure Ginger?

BEE Natural seeks to fight the adulteration of food by bringing you our spices in their purest form, free from any adulterants. One such spice is Ginger Powder – an important spice added to Indian cuisines. To ensure the purity of our collection of spices, we send samples of our spices to test their purity levels, nutritional value, accelerated shelf-life test, and FSSAI. The raw materials for the spices are sourced from the skilled and hardworking farmers in the diverse hills of North East India. 

When it comes to Indian food, it is all about the variety of spices used. The spices lend a distinct aroma and flavour to the dish. One such spice is Ginger. The addition of ginger to the dish elevates the taste of the food and gives out a soothing aroma. Unfortunately, the rise in the adulteration of spices has become a matter of concern. We are all aware of the consequences of consuming adulterated food and the influence it has on our health. So, take a look at your spice cabinet and ask yourself if the spices that you and your family consume are pure or not. 

Follow these simple steps to find out if what you are consuming is adulterated or unadulterated Ginger Powder: 

  • In a glass, fill it with lukewarm water till the brim.
  • Add a spoonful of ginger powder to the glass.
  • If the ginger settles at the bottom, this indicates that your ginger is pure and free from adulteration.
  • Although, if ginger floats on the surface, this indicates a possibility of adulteration.  

Simply following this technique you can easily check the purity of ginger powder at home. BEE Natural procures its fresh ginger from the farmers across North East India and brings it to you in its finest form only. So, treat yourself to the goodness of BEE Natural products by shopping from Amazon India or from our BEE Natural website.  

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