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Roots of Lakadong Turmeric

Lakadong Turmeric and its Golden Flavour

Lakadong Turmeric is the World’s best turmeric root variety grown in Jaintia Hills District, in North East India, due to its medical benefits. Jaintia Hills District is like a gold mine that grows the world’s finest variety of this Golden spice we know as Lakadong Turmeric. What makes this turmeric a super spice is Curcumin. Curcumin is a yellow pigment found in turmeric, that has anti-inflammatory properties and the ability to increase the number of antioxidants in your body. Its high curcumin content is more favourable compared to the regular varieties of turmeric, as it carries more than 7% curcumin value against the 2-3% value in the latter.

Lakadong farmers begin their day early, when the world hits dawn, while everyone is still sleeping warm and cozy in their beds. Mejes, a diligent Lakadong farmer, stretches his arms, as he gazes out looking towards his green, luscious fields through the morning haze, while the sun rises in its misty yellow hue.

As he gets out of bed, walking across the room to get his morning cup of tea, Mejes says, “when I reach the field, the first thing I do is take a look over the field. Walking in between the rows of Lakadong Turmeric and run my hands over the turmeric leaves as I feel the moist – freshness on my hands”. “These Lakadong are my children” he says, with a competent smile on his face.

His is a tiny village located in the foothills of the West Jaintia Hills District of Meghalaya in the North-Eastern region of India called Barato. Mejes shares about the specialty of turmeric and the reason why it cannot be grown in any part of the country. The core reason, he said, lies in the uniqueness of the biodiversity of this region that enables the soil to perform exceedingly well, yielding a very high curcumin level when compared to other locations in the state. The hilly terrain, suitable climate, rich soil, and organic methods of farming have helped farmers like Mejes to produce the best turmeric in India. If it is grown anywhere else, it will not yield the same amount of curcumin. This turmeric not only adds a distinctive flavour and vibrant colour to dishes but also has multiple medicinal benefits from protecting your liver from oxidative stress to preventing diabetes.

For the locals in Barato, Lakadong turmeric is one of the crops that create livelihood and provides income for the family. COLKS has assisted many farmers like Mejes to create a demand and supply for Lakadong Turmeric in the market, which has generated sustenance for them. Mejes stated how COLKS had given the farmers a platform by giving them due recognition for their efforts and creating a market for them to sell pure and nature-fresh products. Mejes concludes, “I am proud to be a farmer because I can grow a spice that cannot be grown anywhere else. I am happy to share with the world what we have in abundance”.

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