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Is Your Honey Pure

Pure Honey

BEE Natural strives to fight the adulteration of honey by offering you Wild Forest Honey and Khasi Mandarin Honey in its purest and natural form sourced by skilled and hardworking beekeepers of Meghalaya. Every batch of honey at BEE Natural undergoes a series of tests, especially the Purity level tests, as well as NMR test conducted by Intertek, Nutritional fact test, Accelerated shelf-life test, FSSAI, and NMR test.

We live in a time where almost all the foods we consume are adulterated with harmful substances that could be a threat to our bodies and health. When talking about adulterated food, did you know that honey is the third most adulterated food in the world? Additionally, the selling of adulterated honey by many brands has been a recent highlight. 

Since ancient times, honey has been used both as food and medicine. However, in modern times, the honey we consume is neither natural nor healthy. It is extremely important to check the purity of the products before their consumption so that in the long run of enjoying delicious food we are not imposing threats to our health.

Do you want to know how you can differentiate if the honey you consume is adulterated or not? Well here are the simple steps you can take:

  • In a glass, fill it with lukewarm water till the brim.
  • Add a spoonful of honey to the glass.
  • If the honey settles at the bottom, this indicates that your honey is pure and free from adulteration.
  • Although if honey floats on the surface, this indicates a possibility of adulteration.  

Using this simple technique which you can try yourself at home, you can check if the honey you have been consuming is pure or adulterated. Similarly BEE Natural assures you that our Wild Forest Honey and Khasi Mandarin Honey are 100% pure and free from adulteration. Treat yourself to some BEE Natural Honey and add some sweet goodness to your life.

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