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The Easter Feast

Easter Blog

As the sun dawns over the horizon shining its light on the trees in the land. The people wake up to the dawn of a new day. It’s Easter, they said! A symbol of hope and a new beginning. So, why not celebrate this new beginning with a feast fit for kings! 

Trekking down the steep forest lands with the sweet smell of pine and the cheerful songs of the birds surrounding us, making it a mystical moment, as if they were glorifying the day. As we carried our baskets filled with farm fresh produce and firewood to cook the feast, we stumbled  upon a sweet spot for cooking. Surrounded by tall pine trees overlooking the green hills camouflaged with pine needles was an aromatic and tranquil experience, one would surely adore. 

Pumped up with adrenaline after the trek, the first task was but the obvious, to set up the logs to make our fire. Nevertheless, it wasn’t as easy as it sounds. As we are in the midst of April, the heavy swaying winds left us no chance to light the fire in an instant. Alast! After numerous trails, our fireplace was brimming with heat. The next task at hand was the fun bit, recreate the feast. 

No Easter is complete without a Chicken Roast, but then who likes the hassle of making one especially when you are outdoors. Well, why not try an easy peasy recipe using Chicken breast; which takes the least amount of cooking time. Bathe the chicken in a marinade made of Lemon juice, BEE Natural Sumac Powder, BEE Natural Black Peppercorns, diced Ginger and salt. Marinade the chicken for a minimum of 3 hours and braise the chicken breasts on a thick iron cast pan over a moderate flame; this will make sure your chicken is cooked through yet tender and moist. Once the chicken turns golden brown, remove from the pan and let it rest, so the juices and flavors can develop. 

While the chicken is resting, we decided to make a vegan recipe. We all deserve to enjoy a good meal, so why not try making a Jackfruit and Peppers Stir Fry, using BEE Natural Jackfruit Chunks. You can enjoy a meaty delight packed with proteins, without the use of any meat produce. What’s even better is that it is a quick recipe to make on a day like today. Start by slicing Red Onions and julienne the red, yellow and green Bell Peppers and strain out the brine from the BEE Natural Jackfruit Chunks; this will give you a more meaty texture. Heat some oil in an iron cast deep pot and saute the red onions till they turn golden brown. Then stir in the julienned bell peppers and add the jackfruit chunks. Season with BEE Natural Lakadong Turmeric, BEE Natural Black Peppercorns and Salt. Keeping a constant check on the firewood to ensure we cooked it over a medium flame. Add a little water while cooking; this will make the jackfruit chunks absorb the water and give you the meaty texture you are looking for. That’s when you know the Stir fry is ready. 

Making use of some locally grown leaves and a wooden platter, we plate the dishes together. As the wind blew, it carried along with it the spicy and lemony aroma from the chicken and the bell peppers; which was utterly irresistible. Surely a feast to celebrate the dawn of Easter.

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